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Planning Commission Update

A Planning Commission meeting on Wednesday, 7/9, is discussing a second draft of proposed permanent laws to regulate Single Room Rentals in Bellevue. (The first was not well-received by the attendees or the Commissioners.)

This draft proposes:
1) Individual room rentals (now called Rooming Houses) would no longer be permitted in any single-family zoned neighborhoods, and only allowable in multi-family and mixed-use districts. (Owner-occupied registered houses may still rent out 2 rooms.)
2) These Rooming Houses can have up to 6 persons. They would have to be approved by the city, operate under a strict set of rules/regulations, and monitored for over-saturation.

Please take the time to download the Packet Materials and read the 5-page City Memorandum dated 7/2 that explains the background, what has transpired to date, and the Current Proposed Draft Permanent Regulations – there is much more on the table than listed above.

Also, come meet your neighbors and have some fun at the Lake Hills Neighborhood Association’s (LHNA) first BBQ on July 19th from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at Lake Hills very own Evergreen Park. We hope to see you there!