We Are Lake Hills

WALH Updates

Firstly, The Lake Hills Neighborhood Association picnic is almost here: Hope to see you at Evergreen Park between 11 and 3.
Hot dogs will be served – bring a salad or dessert if desired, along with a non-perishable item for Hopelink.

An Update on the 7/9 Planning Commission meeting: The Commission was pleased with the city’s resubmitted draft on permanent laws for Single Room Rentals.

This draft in part proposes:  
1) Individual room rentals (now called Rooming Houses) would no longer be permitted in any single-family zoned neighborhoods, and only allowable in multi-family and mixed-use districts. (Owner-occupied registered houses may still rent out 2 rooms.) The current zoning of Lake Hills is shown here, or on the City’s zoning map for the whole of Bellevue.

2) Those Rooming Houses can have up to 6 persons. They would have to be approved by the city, operate under a strict set of rules/regulations, and monitored for over-saturation.

3) House rentals to tenants on a single lease is limited to six persons (currently no limit), unless ALL tenants are related by marriage, blood or adoption.

Scheduled Next Steps:
July 21st or Aug 4th The City Council will vote to extend the Emergency Ordinance another 6 months, as the permanent laws won’t be completed by its expiration.
Sept 2nd If passed by the City Council, the East Bellevue Community Council will vote on extending the Emergency Ordinance.