We Are Lake Hills

2nd Lake Hills Guided Park Walk, Larsen Lake, 2021

Saturday, January 30, 10am

Larsen Lake is the site of the annual Samena St. Paddy Day’s 5k. A bit soggy in the winter and spring but generally possible to avoid puddles. Wear good waterproof boots if you got them!

We will meet up at the Blueberry farm off  148th. While circling the lake keep an eye out for waterfowl and otters. The route is flat and easy, and gives us options to go West on the marsh trail, North to Starbucks for cocoa or coffee, or south along the greenbelt trail to Phantom Lake. We are posting the event to the Facebook page as well.

Time: 10am to finish
Date: January 30th
Place: Larson Lake Blueberry farm off of 148th