We Are Lake Hills

2021 Spiritridge Park Walk

on Sunday, June 6, 2 PM, distance about 2 miles. Meet at the Basketball court.

It might be damp, but that won’t dampen our spirits! There is parking at the park, overflow across the street (at least on Sundays). Let’s meet there. This is a nice run, but we’ll stroll north up the trail on the west side of 161st to SE 24th St. where we can turn around and go back, but why? The trail down 24th is even nicer, and cuts through halfway to visit the nameless pond and rabbit fields of Bellevue Airfield Park. Lots of meadow birds too, so be careful where you walk – it’s nesting time. There are choices to make there – keep going West to 156th, or go south to catch 160th, cross the parking lots and back to Spiritridge Park? We’ll decide on the day.