We Are Lake Hills

Robinswood Park Walk

For those who don’t do Sunday morning church, let’s meet up at Spiritridge park Sunday, Oct 19th at 10 AM. (For those that do, we will be testing different hours and days, be sure to let us know which you enjoy most.) This is another fairly flat walk to Bellevue Airfield park and back, or perhaps around the loop trail to SE 24th St, eat to 161st Ave SE and back to Spiritridge Park. We’ll discuss as we go. Airfield Park is interesting primarily as open grassland, as it was a private airfield before closure in 1983. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bellevue_Airfield) Rabbits are common but may not be visible; we could see more in the summer. The only real hill in the walk is going East on SE 24th, should we choose the loop – but it’s not tall. Total miles should be under 2 miles.

Nearly all these park walks can be extended as we do in this walk, either by the group or alone. A short walk East off 161st takes us to Crestwood park, South and then East goes along the freeway to Vasa Park and Sunrise park, or cross  the Freeway to Squibbs Creek up to Newport. Or from Airfield part go West across 156th Ave to Robinswood park. But that’s for another day. See you there!