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What’s happening in our Bellevue Parks? Results:

First, apologies for being tardy with this. Bellevue Parks has answered questions from the meeting. Here they are:


  • Odle trail (between the school and Main St.) – Is there a plan for maintenance (cutting weeds and removing debris)?
    • Bellevue Parks:  The Odle Trial is now maintained by Bellevue School District.  We followed up with BSD and they have quite a lot happening currently with school starting under current public health circumstances.  Nonetheless, they are aware of the trail maintenance and have it in their plans to tend to.
  • Weowna Park – Consideration of adding trash cans at the north and south ends of the park?
    • Bellevue Parks:  Staff will be putting together a map showing the existing locations of trash cans and will evaluate if more are needed.  Generally, trash cans are only placed at trailheads so that is also a factor. 
  • Weowna Park – Bark chips have been added to the trail segment ends, but the middle section is either too dusty or muddy. Will bark chips also be added to the middle section?
    • Bellevue Parks:  Staff confirms that they are not complete with surfacing of Weowna and this will be completed soon.
  • Airfield Park – Funding was provided in the previous parks levy for this project. How much was provided? Is the funding still there for the project and when is it going to happen? 
    • Bellevue Parks:  The 2008 Levy allocated $6M towards Bellevue Airfield Park development, and funding remains available.  Site analysis and initial schematic design is complete, and permitting initiated. Further work on a phase one implementation project (that will provide basic underground infrastructure and initial park amenities) is on hold until additional project funds for a phase one project are allocated and pending the result of the Aquatic Center study, as Bellevue Airfield Park is one site being considered for the Center.  Related, the aquatic feasibility study was completed in 2020.  Please see the link below, as shared by Councilmember Zahn at our meeting https://bellevuewa.gov/sites/default/files/media/pdf_document/2020/BAC-July-2020-final-feasibility-update-report.pdf
  • Sunich Property – What is the plan for this property?
    • Bellevue Parks:  Currently, there are no plans for development given lack of available capital funding.  Access is limited and difficult.  However, Parks may look into creating some trails in the future should we secure capital funding (perhaps in association with other parks system property development) and renewed sources of maintenance and operation funding.
  • Aquatic Center – The pool is currently operating under limited hours still (lap swim for Saturday ends at noon) is there any plan to extend those hours and also reopen on Sunday? 
    • Bellevue Parks:  Last week we added open/family swims to our schedule 5 days a week as well as a mid-week group exercise. We expanded use to our groups renting the facility and hope to expand the schedule more in the winter as we continually seek to recruit staff. At this time we are not planning to open Sundays as we simply do not have staff, but we hope to be able to expand in winter if staffing allows. 

The Candidate forum is coming! October 7, 2021 at 7 PM. We will continue zoom meetings until Covid numbers drop to safe levels. More on this soon!

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